Wheeler Topping Out 3
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Wheeler Topping Out Party

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Several people from the team that are working on Wheeler High School went to their Topping Out Party last week. This was to celebrate a beam that the faculty, staff, and students all signed  before it was installed. You can see the white beam in the picture of Izabela behind her head.

Chicken Electrical Inspector
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Wheeler Chicken

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There has been a chicken on site almost everyday. Today he was inspecting the temporary electrical service for the site. They were sweating worrying that he wouldn’t pass us, but after John made threats of fried chicken, he passed us. Hopefully Mr. Chicken gets a name soon!

Orange Schluter Waffles
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Schluter Workshop

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Tiffany got to attend a workshop to learn more about Schluter projducts. They provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner including Schluter orange colored waffles! The workshop consisted of in-class training and hands-on training that explained Schluter’s technology in depth, available products and applications, and proper installation methods to ensure effective moisture management. During hands-on training, we […]